Products Name : PANCIL PS-M

Ingredients : Japanese Persimmon

Efficacies : Natural Deodorant, Oral care (Peridontal disease),Oral care (Tooth Decay),Oral care(Bio film)

Producer : Rilis Science Industrial

Product Description

PANCIL PS-M is natural deodorant ingredients derived from Japanese Persimmon fruit for Health Food and Oral care products. It has strong deodorant effect for offensive malodor such as Ammonia, Isovaleric acid, Hydrogen
sulfide and Methyl Mercaptan which is commonly found in daily life of Toilet, Kitchen and from the Body.
It applies New type of deodorant method of Chemical reaction of Neutralization, (Reduction / Oxidation ) and Inclusion effect unlike conventinal deodorant method of Masking, Biotic, Physical method using Fragrance, Ag+, Inorganic porous materials.

Product Features

  • New type of deodorant method by Chemical reaction of neutralization, Reduction / Oxidation with malodor substance
  • Strong deodorant effect for major malodor
  • Strong anti-bacterial effect
  • Natural derived products (Japanese Persimmon Fruit)

Product Detail

Deodorant performance

5% aqueous solution of PANCIL® PS-M (1g) [deodorant effect after 30 minutes]

Full details of Technical Information

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