Products Name : FJI-114

Ingredients : Garlic Extract Powder

Efficacies : Recovering Stamina, Reducing fatigue

Producer : Fuji Sangyo

Product Description

FJI-114 is a garlic extract powder designed to produce Allicin in internal body of stomach.
Although garlics do not contain Allicin, when their cells are broken by cutting or crushing, the “Alliin” in garlics will react with an enzyme called "Allinase", and the active ingredient Allicin is generated in the body.
Active Ingredients of Allicin promote to absorb Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 reacts with Allicin to form Allithiamine, which improves absorption and can help us effectively absorb Vitamin B1.

It provides strong stamina as well as effective for recoevry from fatigue.

Product Features

  • Natural source of garlic
  • Enhancement of Energy and Stamina
  • Exteamly less Odor
  • Improvement of Blood pressure

Product Detail

Warm up by improvement of blood circulation

35 minutes after taking FJI-114 0.5g, cold stress test was conducted, and subsequent temperature rise of the skin was measured using thermography.

Full details of Technical Information

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