Products Name : Water Chestnut extract

Ingredients : Medicinal Herbal Extract

Efficacies : Frequent urination, Hair Growth, Skin Whiting,Skin Elastic


Product Description

Hishi is the most powderful ingredients among 791 kinds of vegetable source for Anti-glycation.
It has multi-functional efficacies on skin, hair and prostate enlargement with evidence data. Hishi offers various activities of 5α-reductase inhibition, Anti-glycation.

Product Features

  • Formally known as Water Chestnut Peel extract
  • Natural derived Hishi shows same performance and mechanism with AGA medicine and drug for prostate enlargement

Product Detail

Comparison test with Aminoguanidine

Retrieved from Glycative Stress Research 2015; 2 (2): 72-79

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