Products Name : GRASTAR

Ingredients : Granule Corn Starch

Efficacies : Tablet Hardness, Melty texture in mouth, Direct tabletting

Producer : Japan Corn Starch

Product Description

Granule Corn Starch, GRASTAR is ready to use excipient for Oral disintegration tablet.
It is suitable for manufacturing directly compression to Oral Disintegration tablet, by simple blending with API and lubricants.
It has enough hardness and oral disintegration within 30sec.

Product Features

  • Halal certified corn starch for pharma and food
  • Ready to use excipient system for OD tablets
  • Oral disintegration time less than 30 seconds
  • Good flowability
  • Directly compressible (Direct tableting)
  • Tablet hardness more than 50 N possible
  • Possible for Single use to reduce the cost
  • Melty pleasant mouth texture
  • No special equipment required for tableting

Product Detail

The particle structure of GRASTARand Corn Starch (Pictures of electron microscope)

Full details of Technical Information

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