Products Name : Amino L-40

Ingredients : Amino acids

Efficacies : Walking support for eldery, Muscle increase, Replacement of Whey protein, Skin Life up

Producer : AJINOMOTO

Product Description

Amino L40 is an essential amino aicd blend with high content of Leucine. It effectivity stimulates
muscle protein synthesis.

Product Features

  • Suggested for regular excersize to increase muscle
  • Reduce calory from taking protein
  • Eldery people who requires muscle increase for walking improvement

Product Detail

Age-Related Muscle Loss and Amino Acid Supplementation

  • |n general, human muscle mass begins to decline gradually from the age of 40, and the rate of decline accelerates after age 65. By the age of 80, muscle mass reportedly drops to from 30 to 40 percent of its peak.
  • Amino L40 is effective for the maintenance, recovery and strengthening of muscles in seniors.
Comparison of musclemass by age group (thigh muscle)

Source: Materials provided by Professor Satoshi Fujita, College of Sport and Health Science, Ritsumeikan University

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